TechDebates on Emerging Technologies

The TechDebates pursue one goal: to stimulate reflection and deliberation on emerging technologies. What is the purpose of these technologies? What are the risks and ethical concerns? How will they change society and what it means to be human? We ask experts to help us--from their varying points of view--to navigate through the complexity of deliberations that are still in their infancy.

Each TechDebate is a live event both on the Georgia Tech campus and on the Internet. In both settings, the audience can participate in a question-and-answer session.

Ongoing public deliberation

We invite you to participate in public deliberation on emerging technologies in the AGORA-net, a web-based and collaborative argument visualization tool. In the AGORA-net, go to “Technology Assessment” and select the technology you are interested in. Add further arguments or objections to existing argument maps, or create your own map! If you are new to the system, watch the video that you can access on the login-page.