Scoring Bias in News with AI

Tamara Zubatiy, Grant Nelson, Robert Park

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VeriCrypt seeks to bring understanding and transparency to the bias in news writing so that audiences, authors and the news organizations themselves can make informed choices. We are a for-profit company and we are striving to be a powerful research engine. We have academic affiliations with Georgia Tech, where our CEO Tamara is currently a PhD student, and also with the San Diego SuperComputer Center at UC San Diego, where co-founders Tamara, Grant (CTO) and Robert (COO) are members of the BlockLAB. We use AI to measure bias in language. Our product allows users to score their own content for bias quickly and consistently. We also provide bias-scored news feeds on various topics, aggregated from over 50,000 premium licensed sources including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, Forbes and more. As an example, we developed a free live-updating newsfeed of scored COVID-19 with full-text premium content and no ads. Check it out here: We want to contribute our technology and our data, in the form of thousand of aggregated news articles with interested researchers so that we can uncover and publish academic publications about the biases that pervade the content that surrounds us. We hope to use this page to share information about such research opportunities so please stay tuned!

The VeriCrypt news panel, including article name, source, and bias level.