Educational Initiatives

The Center for Ethics and Technology aims to facilitate the development of innovative approaches to ethics education and to encourage the integration of ethical inquiry into science and engineering curricula (the Institute’s Strategic Goal 1). The Center’s activities include curriculum development, innovative learning environments and technologies, faculty development, consulting, and assessment.

One initiative of the Center is called Teaching Ethics in Context. Situations calling for ethical decision making seldom arise in isolation, presenting themselves as discrete puzzles in need of discrete solutions. Instead, ethical concerns typically are entangled with the complex, multifaceted and ill-structured situations that may be encountered in professional practice, the conduct of research, public policy, consumer choice, family and personal relationships, and even the practices of teaching and learning.

The Center will pursue the Teaching Ethics in Context initiative along two lines; on the one hand, in a broad sense that aims at developing tools, techniques, materials and course design principles for teaching ethics in context; on the other with a continuous series of seminars for graduate students and classes for undergraduates that focus specifically on issues related to social justice and the ethics of the built environment in the distressed and poverty-ridden English Avenue neighborhood which is adjacent to the Georgia Tech campus on its West side.